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A Major Tool For Business

A Turn Key Solution

Optimize your existing customer base by offering an increased product selection through the addition of a new segment- Natural, Specialty, and Organic food and products. Plus increase your customer base under your brand umbrella by meeting more consumers needs through this additional segment.

Group Buying Strategy

Grow Your Average Transactions

Get a major tool to compete against Walmart and Amazon through our "group buying" and drop shipping platform. Get up to 50,000 products you only pay for upon consumer purchase- no pre-purchase, no breakage, no warehousing, no fulfillment, no logistics. Natural Commerce is a complete end-to-end solution.

Grow your customer base

<h2>Grow Your Share of Wallet</h2>

Grow Your Share of Wallet

Get a greater share of wallet by delivering products customers already purchase and will purchase more of. In a segment north of $120 billion and growing 10% to 15% year over year, this segment is the future of eating- something every consumer needs to do. Plus, with only 4% of consumers currently shopping online for some, part or all their groceries, and that expected to go to 12% within the next 18 months, permanent buying patterns have yet to be formed. Fact- consumers will purchase under your brand umbrella or under someone else’s.

Get started with Natural Commerce to optimize and expand your customer base.