About Us

About Us

What Is Natural Commerce?

With first-mover advantage, Natural Commerce is a back-end e-commerce platform. In addition, it is a sector-specific content and product aggregator of Natural, Specialty, and Organic Products and Food. Simply put, Natural Commerce is an “Endless Aisle” and group buying platform built to help e-commerce and grocery retailers do three things:

✓ Sell more products
✓ Sell to more consumers
✓ Sell more often
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Natural Commerce offers “unlimited aisles” with over 50,000 SKUs Natural Commerce is the ideal way to expand your business by meeting more consumer’s needs. Natural Commerce goes well beyond brick and mortar (limited by shelf space), pick and pack (limited by brick and mortar), or old school purchasing and warehousing goods on their own models.

Natural Commerce Solves A Problem

Using Segment and Scale (through group buying) the Natural Commerce platform brings together the “everybody else” to compete with Amazon/Whole Foods and Walmart /Jet (something no grocery and e-commerce retailer can do on their own). Through the Natural Commerce platform, every grocery and e-commerce retailer has the opportunity to compete in the $120.5 Billion dollar natural, specialty, and organic food and product sector. Utilizing a national network of distributors, led by UNFI and KeHE, along with hundreds of local makers, Natural Commerce provides access to over 50,000 natural, organic and specialty products to be drop shipped directly to the consumer on behalf of e-commerce and grocery retailers.

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