Grocery Stores

Expand your SKU selection online

The Natural Commerce Lifestyle Marketplace helps you dramatically expand your SKU selection with over 50,000 SKUs online.

•Our exclusive end-to-end Lifestyle Marketplace gives grocery stores the ability to go beyond the store shelf and meet every customer’s lifestyle by offering an extended aisle online.

•Offering more selection is the key to fully leveraging your customer relationships and attracting new customers.

•Natural Commerce provides a shopping destination where customers can get everything they need which will increase brand loyalty.



Tools to compete with Amazon

Utilizing the largest network of drop-ship and fulfillment partners from coast-to-coast, Natural Commerce can deliver the best products, pricing, and selection.  This national network is led by UNFI, along with thousands of local makers, and CPG companies.  This results in Natural Commerce aggregating well over 50,000 natural, organic, and specialty products.

By having our Endless Aisle while your customer is on your site in a “buy mode” your customers win, and you win by:

Minimizing Leakage: By having more selection online to meet more customers’ needs, you prevent customers from going somewhere else to find what they’re looking for.  You own the customer. It’s important to expand the opportunity for them to buy under your brand umbrella and prevent them from going somewhere else to find all the products they are looking for.

Maximizing Revenue and Profits: By expanding your online assortment, it will fully leverage your customer base and your share of wallet.


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