White Label e-Commerce Sites for Grocery Stores

White Label e-Commerce Sites

Greater Selection = Meeting the Needs of More Customers

With a greater selection, you’ll fully leverage your customers while they are in “buy mode” on your site and by meeting those needs you’ll sell more products, to more customers, more often.

Whether you want to add 300, 3,000, or 30,000 additional SKU’s, Natural Commerce makes it fast, painless, and incredibly cost-effective.

Because you go beyond brick and mortar boundaries, you can strategically expand assortment to better meet each customer’s needs and expectations. And more personalization means more sales and revenue for you.

Our Endless-Aisle, White-Label Website Solution

Simply put, Natural Commerce does it all by delivering:

  • A new, additional website that is a part of your omni channel solution. Think "YourBrandEndless.com", which we run.
  • Natural Commerce will run everything from customer service to fulfillment under your newly branded site.
  • Natural Commerce will also provide the promotional tools:
    • Run site banner links from your existing site to the new Endless Aisle site.
    • Build and provide postcard sized bag and box inserts (on recycled paper) at all checkout lines in all stores.
    • Build and provide indoor signage at all stores.
    • Build and provide weekly promotional emails to be sent to your entire email list.
    • Build and provide weekly posts on your social media accounts.

Plus, as the central aggregator for this space, Natural Commerce's group buying strategy provides for lower cost of goods than any individual brand can achieve on their own, which translates to lower cost for consumers. Your customers get the benefit of great food, prices and selection—along with free shipping.

Natural Commerce goes well beyond brick and mortar (limited by shelf space), pick and pack (limited by brick and mortar), or old school purchasing and warehousing models, and delivers you a 15% margin on everything purchased with minimal bandwidth and effort and no setup costs or fees.

Let's talk about how easy it is!

Email David Hack (CEO of Natural Commerce) today! dhack@naturalcommerce.com