Natural Commerce has two central solution's- API/EDI or White Label.

As an end-to-end solution, Natural Commerce can run everything from customer service through to fulfillment under your brand umbrella. We connect to your existing Ecommerce engine through an API or EDI connection or we can build a White Label website as a brand extension or new brand.

There are no costs involved, with the exception of some promotion through your existing consumer touch points. This simple, easy, and straight forward approach is designed to do two things - optimize your existing customer base and expand your customer base.

This “power of many” benefits your brand by:

  • Providing a turn-key additional revenue stream
  • Extending your brand's ecosystem
  • Extending your brand’s online presence
  • Extending your natural, specialty, & organic inventory beyond the store shelves
  • Satisfying consumers online shopping preferences
  • Allow your brand to meet more customers needs
  • Differentiate your brand from the competition
  • Provide an additional revenue stream that our analysis shows will net north of eight figures by year two
  • Provide a collective opportunity to compete with brands like Amazon & Walmart

The Online Central Hub for a
$120 Billion Marketplace

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