Online Marketplace for Makers and Merchants

An Online Marketplace for
Makers and Merchants

Natural Commerce is the only national, online, aggregated marketplace devoted exclusively to natural, specialty, and organic food and product makers.

A truly aggregated marketplace to build your company's name, brand, reputation, and—most importantly—sales!

Natural Commerce allows Makers and Manufacturers of natural, specialty, and organic food and products to focus on what they do best: making yummy deliciousness and the best socially-responsible products.

At Natural Commerce, we believe in natural, specialty, and organic food and products. We think everyone should be able to have access to the natural, non-processed, organic, gourmet, or dietary foods and products they want or need along with the responsible products they are looking for. We take the consumer access of a local farmer's market and bring it online with a staggeringly larger consumer reach. We do this by aggregating the access to your products on large and small online grocery stores alike.

By leveraging the Natural Commerce platform you will be able to:

  • Manage your product content on multiple e-commerce sites from one secure, centralized portal.
  • Make your products available on all of our e-commerce and grocery websites to drive sales.
  • Get the sales data you need to get your products onto the physical shelves of these retailers and grocers.

The process is simple:

  1. Each maker or manufacturer signs up and logs into the Natural Commerce dashboard.
  2. The maker inputs all the details of each of their products and sends a sample product to Natural Commerce to be accepted onto the platform.
  3. Once accepted, their account goes live and their products get sold on the e-commerce sites of dozens of merchants (grocery stores and other retailers) from coast-to-coast.
  4. The maker is notified of a purchase and dropships the product to the customer.
  5. The maker and merchant are happy with the uptick in revenue, expanding their brand recognition, and their increase in market share.

Let's talk about how easy it is!

Email Sergio Pires (Director of Merchant Relationships) today!