EDI and API Integrations

Greater Selection = Meeting the Needs of More Customers

With a greater selection, you’ll fully leverage your customers while they are in “buy mode” on your site and by meeting those needs you’ll sell more products, to more customers, more often.

Whether you want to add 300, 3,000, or 30,000 additional SKU’s, Natural Commerce makes it fast, painless, and incredibly cost-effective.

Because you go beyond brick and mortar boundaries, you can strategically expand assortment to better meet each customer’s needs and expectations. And more personalization means more sales and revenue for you.

At Natural Commerce, we specialize in adding the best Natural, Specialty, and Organic products in the world to our SKU set. Unlike other providers, we take the entire vendor onboarding process off your hands, so you can stay focused on operating your retail business, instead of troubleshooting with suppliers and worrying about your supply chain.

Simply put, through the Natural Commerce platform, you're instantly connected to a virtual inventory through our unmatched network of trusted Natural, Specialty, and Organic product and food suppliers—precisely managed to your specifications and preferences.

Welcome to Intelligent Inventory. With true on-demand distribution, there’s no need to stockpile inventory or build fulfillment and distribution centers. Natural Commerce’s fulfillment network help you maximize profitability, free up capital, and minimize costly surpluses.

Why does the Natural Commerce add-on Endless Aisle makes sense?

Our turn-key Endless Aisle website solution instantly gives your customers significantly more selection while you don’t have to:

  • Purchase or Hold Inventory
  • Pay for Additional Labor
  • Have Breakage
  • Deal with Fulfillment, Shipping, or Logistics

Choose from over 20,000 products to make available under your brand name, as you see fit. Because only Natural Commerce has the only combination online Endless Aisle and Group Buying Platform with a complete front end-website, you're guaranteed to deliver the lowest prices to your customers at the highest margins.

Natural Commerce is built to help grocery stores do three things: sell more products, to more customers, more often.

Plus, we can easily connect directly through an EDI or API connection or through CommerceHub or SPS Commerce.

Let's talk about how easy it is!

Email David Hack (CEO of Natural Commerce) today! dhack@naturalcommerce.com